Our Mission:


CityServe empowers the local church to reclaim their missional mandate so they may overcome brokenness with compassion and kindness—from the neighborhood to the nations.


Our Mandate

The Bible is clear about the mandate of every Christian to care for those in need; the widow, the orphan, the hungry and poor. We believe that as we are obedient to the call of God to care for the ‘least of these’ He will bless us for it.

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Million Dollars worth of goods have been distributed

Through our partnerships, we have been able to distribute millions of dollars worth of goods to individuals and families in need.



six active hubs

Our initial plans were to launch with four HUBS in SoCal, but we’ve already successfully launched six and will open three more within the next year; Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Central Coast.



million people Impacted

The goods and services delivered translate to real lives being changed. This figure represents a conservative estimate of the number of individuals impacted in our first year.


Available Now

Your guide to church-based compassion, by Dave Donaldson , Co-Founder of CityServe International and Wendell Vinson, Lead Pastor of Canyon Hills Assembly of God; Forward by Tommy Barnett, Pastor and Founder of The Dream Center, Los Angeles.



Located throughout SoCal are HUBs, warehouses which serve as a place to receive product that is immediately distributed to PODs in the surrounding community. HUBs are the first stop in the supply distribution chain where goods are sorted and delivered to partners who use it to serve individuals and families in need.


Through collaboration with local agencies and ministries, we are able to leverage what we do to make the greatest impact. Rather than re-creating programs that are already in existence, our desire is to come alongside those that are already doing great work and strengthen and support them with volunteers and goods.


Local churches serve as PODs, short for Points of Distribution, to get goods to the people in need. They organize volunteers to be on the front lines caring for people in broken parts of our communities. The volunteers from the local church are the heartbeat of what we do at CityServe.


We are excited to partner with Vanguard University to provide training about best practices in the area of compassion through Symposiums and other training avenues. We are also working with this prestigious university to track results and measure the effectiveness of our programs so that the work we are doing makes a lasting impact.


February 2019

We received a call that a local school had a family of five was in need of a couch. We were able to respond immediately with a brand new couch and delivered it to the family. I had a chance to pray with Susanna. She was so grateful to receive this gift. After I left, the counselor from the school who referred them called to thank us for responding so quickly to the need. Having the items on hand makes it so much easier to respond immediately! Thank you, CityServe, for equipping us to meet these needs in our community immediately and effectively.

Louie Wright, Revive Outreach Ministry 


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CityServe seeks to elevate, equip and resource the neighborhood church through training, a supply chain of donated products and funding strategies. These services are managed and protected through a partnership application, robust on-boarding process, and ongoing trainings. You can be a part of seeing the radical transformation of communities by partnering with us from the neighborhood to the nations.



It is collaboration with community partners that enables CityServe to effectively impact our community.


CityServe partners with the local church to bring hope and healing to the most entrenched needs in communities.


Each of us are called to respond to the brokenness in our world. CityServe makes it possible with resources and training.